Why Your Client Needs Your Help Buying

There is a reason I suggest that you control the process when it comes to helping your dream client change in The Lost Art of Closing: Winning the 10 Commitments that Drive Sales. This is not a suggestion that you should control the outcome, which might cause one to believe that they need to “do whatever it takes” or to use some ham-handed, hhigh-pressureapproach that would actually reduce the trust you’re building with your client. The reason to control the process is that it is practical and it helps produce the necessary results.

Think about the solution you sell. You sell your solution every day, and you are continuously involved in this process with multiple prospects at any given time. You have years of experience, and you know what works, what doesn’t work, and what conversations and commitments need to occur for you and your dream client to create something better. You have experience, or what I call situational knowledge. You can see the patterns, and your experience guides you.

Now think about your prospective client. How many times do they buy what you sell over the course of their career? How often do they explore what new ideas are available to them? How many experiences have they had going through this process? It is highly unlikely that they have the experience that you have, and it’s even less likely that they have seen the solution you sell in as many different varieties, having never worked with hundreds of clients and countless different variables.

If your dream client has a lot of experience buying what you sell because they buy it every year, then they are clearly missing something if they change partners that frequently, or they perceive what they are buying to be a commodity, looking for a lower price.

It is your responsibility to know what works best and to help your prospective client have the conversations and make the necessary commitments to work through the process of creating a better future state. When you allow the person or persons who have too little experience to determine the process on their own, you are failing them.

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