Buy the Dream or Do the Work

There are a lot of people who are willing to sell you a dream. That dream is that you can have the result you want without having to do the things that are necessary to produce that result. They will insist that the reason you are not producing the result you want is that things are now different, that the old ways don’t work and only the new way works. The “new way” is always presented in a way suggesting it is easier.

The dream is easy to sell. It provides a blueprint that is reminiscent of the idea that one can “get rich quick.” Maybe you’ve been told that the new communication mediums are going to make it easy for you to create new opportunities and cause clients to actually pursue you. Perhaps you’ve seen technology solutions that automate parts of the client acquisition process so well that you can win clients with no human effort. This approach is nothing new, and a lot of people who struck it rich during the gold rush were the people who sold picks and shovels and the dream of striking it rich.

Not everyone sells a dream. Some people sell you “do the work.” The idea that you need to do the work to have what you want isn’t as sexy as the dream. Instead of doing nothing, you get to toil away, maybe for years, maybe for a lifetime. Doing the work makes you the variable as it pertains to success, there being nothing else that you can rely on to produce the result you want, not new media, not new technology, not picks and shovels.

Doing the work is more “get rich slowly,” or “become an overnight success seven years from now.” When placed right next to each other, the dream is much more attractive, even though the dream evades all but those who sell it. The dream is the product, not the result the dream is supposed to produce. The offering that is “do the work” promises the result, but only once is it paid for in full with you becoming the person that is capable of producing that result, something that takes time and energy and dedication and persistence.

Instead of dreaming, stay awake and do the work.

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