Three Words for 2018

Polaris: Polaris is the name of the star we know as the North Star. What makes this star unique is that it does not move in the sky. The north sky moves around Polaris. When you face the North Star, no matter what, you are heading due North. If you turn your back to it, you are moving South.

In all things, remember where you are going. Stay true to your course.

Via Negativa: This is an idea from Christian theology which has been used to describe what God is not, the positive qualities being beyond human comprehension. I am using it here in the way I learned it from Taleb, as a method of avoiding downside risks—or avoiding things altogether. This is quite the opposite of taking positive action; instead, it is removing the negative.

Eliminate the non-essential. The first choice is to remove, not to add. Do nothing that has no upside and avoid that which has a great propensity to being only downside.

Leverage: This is the exertion of force using a lever to multiply one’s power. There are natural constraints that prevent greater results, namely time, energy, and resources. The application of leverage is an overcoming of those constraints using the same force—but with the help of a lever.

Leverage is the key to scale and reach. Identify and use the levers available to break through the natural constraints.

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