Negative 10X in 2018

10X less procrastination on the meaningful, purposeful work you must do. If it is what you are here for, if it is your most important thing, stop procrastinating and get after it.

10X less low value, transactional work. Do ten times less of the stuff that looks like work but isn’t, the make-work that allows you to look busy without getting anything done. Speaking of which . . .

10X less time spent in your email inbox (for some of you, that math means you’d need to subtract 240 hours a week from email). Other people’s priorities are important, but not so important that you should push yours to the side. Process your email, and then stay out of the inbox.

10X less time with the browser open, scanning Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram during the hours you should be heads down working. If the browser is open, then you are a browser. You don’t need to browse. You need to go deep and wide on what matters.

10X less time arguing with people about their politics. Actually, 10X that 10X less, and if that doesn’t take the time to 0.0 minutes, 10X it one more time. You have never changed anyone’s politics, and no one wants or needs your help in this regard. If you are going to make a difference, this is the poorest plan available to you, and one that is doomed to fail. Volunteer that time and make a difference.

10X less time taking in negative news, negative gossip, negative conversations, negative co-workers, and friends who are negative, cynical, or chronic complainers. This means you will be on a negativity fast. You will lose a lot of the weight that you are carrying around in your skull, and you’ll be all the better for it. Don’t let anyone poison your well.

10X less complaining about you, too. And 10X less learned helplessness. If you are going to add to what you are doing, start by subtracting.

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