There Is No Finish Line

When it comes to your personal and professional development, there is no finish line. There is never a point in time where you can say, “That’s it. I have done all of the work on me that is necessary. I am now the very best possible version of me. There is no more growth or development available to me.”

Your experience in high school did not prepare you to succeed in the world you now find yourself in. While the fundamentals you learned were helpful, the diploma that you received was not intended to mark the end of your growth and development.

You no doubt learned quite a bit in college, mostly about yourself and other people. The degree you received was also not supposed to be an endpoint to your personal and professional development. It provided you with some set of experiences that, while being helpful, were not enough to make you the best version of yourself.

The training your company provides you at their expense is being provided to help you develop professionally, and that is a good thing. But it is being done at their direction, and it is training for many, not custom designed to improve you to the level you are capable of improving.

Your personal growth and development is your responsibility. You have to identify the competencies that your lack, the knowledge you need, and the experiences that will help you acquire them. Regardless of what you believe your life’s work to be, producing the results you are capable of means becoming the best version of the person doing that work. Fortunately, human growth and development have no limits, and there is no end of work to do here when it comes to becoming the person that comes after the person that you are now.

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