Through Some Miracle You Are Here

Without hot, there would be no cold. Without darkness, there would be no light. Without up there is no such thing as down. Without winter, no summer. No illness, no health. No poverty, no wealth. No sadness, no happiness. No scarcity, no abundance.

Through some miracle, you are here. You have been given this life, your life, to do with what you will. This is the greatest of all gifts and the greatest of all opportunities; one life that belongs to you and you alone, free and clear of any and all obligations. Not an easy life, and not a life without worry, but a life. Through chance, a chance. Your chance.

Everything that you are grateful for starts and ends here. Your family. Your friends. Your mentors. All the opportunities, and all of your experiences. You are here, and regardless of your present circumstances, be they good or bad, you have cause to be grateful. You have been given this life.

There are things that you wish you did not have to experience in this life, things that cause you discomfort, pain, and suffering. It’s difficult to be grateful for everything that comes into your world, but that doesn’t stop them from doing so. They are, regardless of how they make you feel, part of your life. There has not been a life that did not include these things. These things are all part of the package that is life, and they also belong to you. Without them, you would not know their opposite.

Gratitude is a position that you hold. It is more than a feeling and more than words you say. Gratitude is a belief structure and a set of actions you take. If you are grateful for what you have been given, your gratitude is evidenced by your actions, by what you do with your gifts, how you treat them. Gratitude is also visible in how you respond to the things that you’d rather not experience, things that belong to you that you’d prefer not to experience.

Today is a day for giving thanks. But tomorrow is also a day to be grateful. Through some miracle, you are here.

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