November 8th: 90 day anniversary of The Lost Art of Closing

Today it is 90 days since I published my second book, The Lost Art of Closing: Winning the 10 Commitments That Drive Sales.

There are 59 reviews on, all of them 5 stars.

The book was just included on 800CEOREAD’s list of best sales and marketing books of 2017, alongside Ryan Holiday’s Perennial Bestseller and Scott and Allison Stratton’s Un-branding. I hope we make the short list of one when they publish their final list.

All of this is good news, but it’s not the most important news. What’s most important is the impact the book is having on the salespeople and sales organizations who have adopted it as a methodology.

They have reported that they are controlling the process, winning at higher rates, getting deals back on track after they’ve gone dark, and forecasting with much greater accuracy.

They’re also sending me emails and LinkedIn messages to tell me that The Lost Art of Closing has helped them remove the opportunities from their pipelines where there was really no real commitment to change (Chapter 3).

This book is not an observation from an outsider with a penetrating insight, like Dan Pink’s wonderful book To Sell Is Human. Nobody could have captured sales like Dan. That is what makes him remarkable.

It’s not a book that was carefully researched like The Challenger Customer, by Brent Adamson and Nick Toman, a book that is required reading if you want to know who you are going to need to become if you are going to succeed in B2B sales.

This book is a book by a practitioner for the practitioner. It’s field research, and it’s a field guide. If you want to know what commitments you need to gain to go from target to client, this book will guide you along the path. If you want to know how to have the difficult conversations that allow you and your client to move forward, the sample language you need is provided for you.

If you want to pick up the book, go to your local Barnes & Noble. If you want the eBook or the hardcover shipped, go to If you are going to buy the book for your team, go to 800CEOREAD for the very best deal available.

In any case, email me your receipt to and I’ll send you the workbook and an invite to the Facebook Mastermind Coaching group that meets each Saturday.

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