What to Include In Your Sales Stack

To become as successful as possible, here is what you want in your sales stack:

  • Integrity: You are going to build your real sales stack on your character. Your integrity is going to be the foundation for trust. “Who you are” always matters more than “what you know or what you do.” Ultimately, you need to be someone people want to do business with, someone they want on their team.
  • Other-Orientation: A sincere interests in other people creates a connection faster than anything else. You’ll see this in people with fast rapport skills. You’ll also notice that they are vulnerable, creating a space for other people to let down their guard.
  • Positive, Optimistic, Future-Oriented Attitude: You want your sales stack to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Start with a positive, optimistic, and future-oriented attitude.
  • Curiosity: The very best performers in sales want to know things. They want to understand things that they don’t understand. This is how they continually improve their business acumen and situational knowledge.
  • Initiative: Sales results come from taking effective action. Action on behalf of your goals, and action on behalf of your clients. Passivity and being reactive are detrimental to your results. Your sales stack needs to run on the fact that you are a self-starter.
  • Resourcefulness: If you are going to be a person of value to others, you have to figure things out. Much of the time, this form of problem-solving is deployed in response to a challenge that hasn’t yet been overcome.

Wait. You thought this was about technology? It is about technology.

Your most important technology is the technology that lives between your ears, still the most complex and powerful technology anywhere in the known universe. The software is made of the thoughts and beliefs that run your stack. More than anything else, it’s the intangibles that produce results.

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