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Selling is the New Sales

A funny thing happened to B2B sales over the last little while. Technology displaced conversation about sales. For certain, there was a lot of talk about the internet, social media, automation, and the merging of sales with marketing, with…

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What I Am Writing Now

I am writing my third book now. This book is about competitive displacements, which is to say, how you take clients away from your competitors (knowing full well that they are trying to take your clients from you). Having spent three hours…

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Stop Focusing on Your Competitor

If focusing on your competitor would improve your sales results, it would be worth the time spent talking about them and the emotional energy invested. Your results, however, are not changed by this outward focus on what your competitor does.

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Transparency Creates Trust

There are a lot of people who believe that selling well requires that you paint a picture of a desired better future without sharing the challenges that it is going to take to make that future a reality. They believe that sharing anything that…

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Are You Really Wasting Your Time?

Is what you are doing right now aligned with your mission and your purpose? Is it something that moves you closer to the ultimate outcomes you need to achieve? Or, is it something less than that?

Is what you are doing important? Is it something…

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