Why Dabblers Never Produce the Results They Want

Dabblers want what the professional, non-dabblers have. They want to produce the sales results, and they want all the things that go a long with it. They want a level of expertise that makes them the top of their category. But the dabbler never achieves these things because they dabble.

The dabbler will spend a lot of time talking about what they want to do. They’ll acquire the vocabulary, and they’ll be competent in all the concepts of whatever it is that has their attention at that moment. When you speak to a dabbler, you’ll believe you are speaking to someone who is producing results. But they will not be producing those results, even if it sounds like they are, and even if what they say indicates that they should be.

Dabblers have all the tools and trappings of someone who has a high level of expertise in the area in which they dabble. In fact, they’ll be an expert in the tools, having studied them. The dabbler believes that the tools are what is necessary to produce the result they want. They’ll also very much look the part. All outward appearances would indicate that the dabbler is a person engaged in the area where they presently dabble, even though they are not

What prevents the dabbler from producing results and becoming what they might be is the fact that they dabble. They don’t do the work necessary to become something more than a dabbler. And, failing to achieve the level of competency they desire, they move on to some new endeavor, repeating the same pattern; they buy the gear, they study, they talk about what they’re going to do, and then do so little so inconsistently as to produce nothing.

What moves one from a dabbler to a professional is their willingness to do the work. This alone is what separates the two groups. The tools won’t make you a professional, nor will the trappings. Neither will talking about something. Only doing the work produces a real understanding and competency. That’s what makes you a non-dabbler.

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