Stop Searching for the Perfect Way to Sell

There are some people who search for the perfect way to do something. They believe that there is some way to do something that exceeds all others and produces a certain outcome with absolute certainty. When they want some result, they want to discover the one right way that works 100 percent of the time, without fail.

As it pertains to prospecting, they want the one right talk track that guarantees their dream client schedules an appointment with them on the first attempt. They want the perfect voicemail, the one that causes their prospective client to pick up the phone, call them back, and ask them for a meeting. They want words that allow them to overcome objections (which really mask their very real concerns) so they can put a date on the calendar. The perfect way would make acquiring appointments easy and certain.

When it comes to discovery, they want the magic language that is so compelling to their dream client that they easily create a new opportunity. The perfect question should also pull out all the compelling reasons their prospect should change now. The perfect way would make selling much easier.

Your dream client is going to ask you to sharpen your pencil. They have to be responsible to their company and obtain the best deal they can. The perfect way to handle a pricing conversation would be one single approach that works in every single case. No muss, no fuss, just a straight up agreement to a deal at the price you proposed.

Selling is a complex, dynamic human interaction, which is to say, it doesn’t lend itself to a single right choice that covers all of the possible variables. Because there is not one right choice for every situation, there is no perfect way; there are only choices.

Instead of searching for the perfect way, you should work on perfecting the one who is doing the searching by exploring all of your choices so that you can be more effective. You should also perfect your ability to understand how to help people make the decisions you are asking them to make. This is more difficult work, and it takes time. But the time you spend here will still be less than the time you spend looking for the perfect way.

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