When to Move Fast

In sales fast is slow, and slow is fast. The central idea here is that moving faster than your client, putting the transaction above the relationship and their needs slows you down. So does skipping steps and doing sloppy work.

That said, there is no reason to take more time than is necessary to do anything. You do not benefit from taking longer than is necessary to create and win opportunities, and your clients do not receive greater value by your dragging out the process and preventing them from getting better results now.

If you can create new opportunities faster by spending more time prospecting, it makes sense to do more of that work now to pull those results forward in time. You gain nothing by taking more time to do what might be done in less, especially when it comes to building a pipeline.

If you can compress the sales cycle by controlling the process and gaining the necessary commitments without allowing that process to be slowed down by your lack of intention, then you move results forward in time for both you and your clients.

There is something else that you must do to pull results forward. You must be highly effective. You have to develop your mindset and skill sets to improve the work you do for and with your clients and prospects. You must develop the business acumen and situational knowledge to be more valuable to your clients, and to produce that value for them sooner, as early in the process as possible. You have to be someone who is trusted, and who can make recommendations that allow the people you serve to stay connected to you as you help them move forward to a better future state.

Most of all, you must be conscious of time. If you want to make a difference, you have less time available than you believe. It is enough, but only if you invest it wisely.

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