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Castle walls to protect

Protect Yourself at All Times

Before a boxing match, the boxers are instructed to fight clean and to “protect yourself at all times.” The referee knows that, as much as he will try to keep anyone from getting seriously injured, the boxers have the responsibility for…

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blurry picture of life

The Start of My Second Life

I came to while strapped down in a van of some sort. When I realized I was being taken, I assumed I was being arrested or abducted. I fought the restraints, but I could not break them. Then I tried to argue my way out the situation, arguing being…

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arrows representing different paths

What Is Right for One Salesperson

There are salespeople who are exceedingly effective at prospecting, particularly cold calls. They can schedule the appointments they need with little trouble, and they require far fewer calls than their peers. They can do in 20 calls what another…

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