All of Your Limits Are Self-Imposed

Because you are human, there is no upper limit to your growth. You can be more, do more, have more, and contribute more. Your upper limit is only limited by your beliefs and your actions.

What you are capable of: You can be far more than you are right now. So can I. And so can everyone with whom you come in contact, regardless of what they appear to be now. Anyone can make a 180 degree turn and end up being someone that you can’t imagine—if and when they imagine it for themselves. Others can make a 1 degree turn and, over time, end up being something very different than what their general direction suggested.

There is no limit to who you can become, but for the limits you place on yourself.

The amount of work you can do: You can do far more than you might believe. You can do more work, and you can do better work. You can do more of the things that you want to do, the things that help you to grow, and the things that you enjoy. The only limit to you squeezing the juice out this life is the limits that you impose on yourself by procrastinating, watching other people live their lives, and not investing the energy in living it.

Your life is going to be made up the experiences you decide to engage in, for good or for ill.

Your income: When you become more and do more, it’s natural that you would also have more. That’s more money, for sure. But you also have more experiences, more nice things, and more opportunities. You will have what you believe you are worth, and only if you are willing to follow that up with the doing more.

There is no limit to what you can have, and you can have more without depriving anyone else of also having more.

What you can contribute: The best reason to be more, do more, and have more, is so you can contribute more. The difference you can make is limited by your imagination and your willingness to give back, both of which are yours to exercise as you wish. I once heard about a man who went to college to major in Philanthropy. But charity doesn’t require a degree. It doesn’t even require money. You can give the greatest gift, your time and your attention, whenever you decide to contribute more. Having more means you can scale the difference you make, but it isn’t required.

There are no upper boundaries to the difference you can make.

All of your limits are self-imposed.

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