Your Client Can Have Anything They Want

If the most high-end product, service, or solution that you sell was available at the lowest price in the market, selling would be easy. So easy, in fact, that it wouldn’t be selling at all; it would be order-taking.

The price of an offering is based on the value it creates. Products, services, or solutions that create value require a greater investment to make or deliver, and therefore, they require that your client make a greater investment in obtaining those outcomes.

You will have prospects and clients that want a level of value with a required price beyond what they are willing or able to invest. You will have clients who ask you to provide them with the additional value that comes only with the greater investment at a much lower level of investment. Because they know the greater value is available, they want that additional value.

Some will demand more than they are willing to pay for, insisting that you should include it, that it should be standard, that it is integral to the outcome they need. These folks will have product offerings with similar pricing levels based on the value they create, and a good many may cave in and provide additional value without capturing the value necessary to deliver that value. Others will happily take a loss, losing money on transactions, and attempting to make it up on volume.

A useful operating philosophy is to decide that anyone can have anything they want, provided they are willing to pay for it.

This means that you are not only going to have to justify the additional value by describing the greater outcomes, something your client is already well aware of when they ask you to deliver it for free, but also that you justify the investment you need to make in delivering that additional value.

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