You Are Upset Because You Care

Your client is not getting the outcome that you promised them when they made the decision to buy from you. Your team is struggling to produce those outcomes, and you are upset that things aren’t going well. You are right to be upset, and you are right to care about the outcomes you promised. You are, in fact, accountable for the results you sell, and this is how you build lifelong relationships. You are almost wrong to start trying to make change from that negative state.

Breath. Compose yourself. Put yourself in the positive, optimistic, empowered and empowering state, and go work with your team to help them acquire the resources they need or make the changes necessary to succeed. You will not get greater outcomes from having this conversation from a negative emotional state.

One of the main reasons that your client isn’t producing the outcomes you promised is because they are not doing what they need to do on their side. Your team is now picking up their end of the stick, and now you need your client to pick up their end of the stick. The upset feeling you have is based on your telling yourself that this is their fault, and that you are being unfairly accused of failing. You care about your client, their outcomes, and your reputation.

Sit for a minute (or ten, but no more than that). Decide not to be defensive and not to do or say anything to cause your client to feel the need to defend themselves. Take responsibility for not preparing them better, and ask them how you can help them do what they need to do. If you want help with the language you need to have this conversation, look to Chapter 13 in The Lost Art of Closing.

You don’t produce better results by being upset. You produce better results by transforming that negative emotional state into a more resourceful state, and then taking positive actions with a positive attitude to change things.

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