Get Better

You have prospects who are difficult to contact. They’re hard to reach by phone and impossible to reach by email. No matter what you try, you can’t seem to connect with them, and they never respond to your attempts.

You have prospects who are easier to reach, but equally difficult to gain a commitment for an appointment. Even though you have a pitch that works magic with most of the people you call while you trade so much value you become irresistible, for these prospects, it does nothing.

You have prospects that are loyal to a fault. Even though they are relatively unhappy and are being massively underserved, the fact that you can improve their results carries no weight with them. Their relationship is seemingly impenetrable. They haven’t moved in years, and they’re not likely to anytime soon.

A few of your prospects see no value in what you sell. All they can perceive as value is the absolute lowest price. They would change providers to save a few pennies, in a very literal sense. Their expectations are low, and they believe all the people and companies they work with are “vendors.”

Some prospects will meet with you, and they will be interested enough to have multiple meetings with you to explore change. They’ll even describe to you in great detail where they wish their results were better, how they are unhappy, and that they really want to do something about it, yet, they’ll do nothing. They talk about change, but they never take the first real step in making it real.

If you don’t like these prospects, you are not going to like the next set of prospects you call on either. The great Jim Rohn used to say, “Don’t wish it were easier. Wish you were better.” As much as I love Rohn’s work, I don’t believe that wishing is going to do much for you. Instead, you are going to have to work hard to get better.

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