Things That Are Limited and Unlimited

One element of your success is based on your understanding of what things are limited, and what things are not.


Time: Your time is limited. It is finite. It is your most precious possession, but that possession is limited. Time is a constraint, even though you can do more than you believe over a longer time and less than you believe in a shorter period. You must treat time with the greatest respect, because time spent in one place means it is unavailable for investment in something more important.

Energy: Your energy is limited. You require periods of rest and recovery, and the more you build the right cadence of energy expenditure and recovery, the more you improve your effectiveness. This means that how you deploy your energy and against what outcomes is a critical decision.

These resources are truly limited. They should be treated as such.


Resourcefulness, Creativity, and Imagination: So far, we have been unable to find the limits of human resourcefulness. For thousands of years, we have figured out how to live, thrive, and survive. Our ability to create is limitless, as is our imagination. These resources are unlimited and should be treated as such. They should be put work and exercised in the solving of problems, and solving the problems that new solutions create.

Money: Money is not a scarce commodity. There is more than enough, even if it is not equally distributed. It’s everywhere, and even if you spend all of your money, you can get more by simply figuring out what value to trade for what you need.

Help with what you want: There is no reason to believe that there are not people who are ready and willing to help you. There are always people who are willing to assist you, and there are also people who need your help. Cooperation and collaboration are limitless.

It is easy to treat things that are limited as if they are unlimited, and things that are unlimited as if they are limited.If you want to produce better results in life, it is important to understand what the real constraints are, and what constraints are really illusions, and are really abundant.

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