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Resisting the things you need to do to succeed doesn’t do anything to lessen the need to do them. What’s worse, however, is complaining and whining about having to do them. Heightening your negative emotional state makes things worse, as does the search for evidence that might absolve you from having to do the work.

You can whine, complain, and commiserate with others that you shouldn’t have to prospect, especially using the telephone, but while you are whining, your competitor is dialing the phone—and they’re calling your dream client (or your existing client).

Griping about your irrational competitor’s willingness to sell at a price that would be impossible for you to meet doesn’t help you to create greater value, nor does it help you to justify the delta. You can complain, but your competitor is working to sharpen their skills when it comes to value creation without complaint.

Complaining about clients and prospects doesn’t do anything to help you produce better results, and it doesn’t do anything to help your clients produce better results either. The same clients that you whine about having to take care of are the clients your competitors are trying to take from you. Your competitor is grinding away trying to create a new opportunity inside your client, and your attitude towards your client can open the door for them.

Whining and complaining don’t do anything to improve your results, but it does disempower you, and the negativity prevents you from doing the work you are capable of. Worse still, you have competitors who are willing to do the work that you whine about, who are indefatigable in their efforts to produce the results they need, and who are competing for you for new business—and to competitively displace you.

Grinding > Whining.

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