Your Problem Is Not Quality. It’s Quantity.

“I’m about quality, not quantity.”

Quality isn’t really your problem. Your problem is you don’t have enough quality, and that means you have a quantity problem. Not enough quantity, not quality.

“Yeah, but I don’t want to bang out calls to people who aren’t good prospects. I am not a telemarketer.”

Good. Then bang out calls to people who are good prospects. You know who your dream clients are. You know your competitor’s clients. Spend your time calling the contacts who should be working with you, the ones who will benefit massively from what you sell.

“Those clients already have someone that they’re working with, and it’s hard to displace them. I want to do something easier than that.”

Right. That’s why you are pursuing them. And that is why they are pursuing your clients. The best time to nurture those relationships and pursue their business was 24 months ago. The second best time is today. If you want to make selling easy, do what needs to be done before it needs to be done.

“If marketing provided me with ready-to-close leads, I could easily make my number. I am great when I am in front of the client.”

Are you in front of enough clients? No? Then you have a quantity problem. You are not doing enough work, or you aren’t doing the work with a great enough effectiveness to produce the results you need.

There is no choice between quality and quantity. The two ideas are not—and cannot be—mutually exclusive. That is a false dichotomy. You need quality opportunities, and you need enough of them to be able to reach your goals. If you don’t have enough opportunities, that isn’t a quality problem; it is most definitely a quantity problem. Increasing the quality of your opportunities does nothing to close the gap between the opportunities you need and the number of opportunities you have now.

Photo credit: Stephanie Overton Identities via photopin (license).

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