If I Had to Start Creating Content Now

If I had to start content marketing today from scratch, here is what I would do.

First, I would make a top 10 post centered around the 10 challenges my clients are facing right now. List posts get traffic, but more than that, I would have the skeleton for the rest of my plan.

Second, I would make a list of 10 factors to consider for each of the 10 challenges that made up my original list. That list of factors would make up another 10 lists posts, giving me 11 posts in total. If I spent some time being thoughtful about that list, I would have a very nice framework from which to build content.

Finally, I would write a single post for each one of the bullet points that made up those ten factors. In total, that would be 100 posts. Adding those 100 posts to the original 11 posts would give me 111 posts to write. There are 220 working days in a year, so I could write and publish a post every other day. That’s enough content to generate attention, and more than that, it’s enough content to start to learn what you know, what you care about, and what your target audience cares about.

If that isn’t enough to get you started, then you start the process over, this time from another direction. This time you write the first list around the 10 attributes or factors that allow your target clients to produce exceptional results. That top 10 list feeds the next 10 list posts, and then you write a single post for each of the bullet points that make up that list.

These two lists provide you with 222 blog posts or YouTube videos to create and publish.

There is something about making lists that makes content creation easier. And there is something about writing that draws out what you really know, and how you really help people produce better results. Video does the same thing.

If you need to create content, this will get you started.

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