New YouTube Format Q and AI

I have very much enjoyed this experiment of doing a daily YouTube show. I have primarily bounced back and forth between two formats.

One format is me in my office, sharing with you whatever has my attention. It’s a blog in video format, and maybe audio format in the future, if people want to sign on for that.

The second format is me taking you on the road with me when I go to speak. This format is sometimes the best. At the OutBound Conference, I could do whatever I wanted, since it was my show. It’s tougher when it’s a client’s show.

Now I want to add a third format: weekly questions and answers.

What’s In a Name?

I am thinking of calling the show: Q and AI. Questions and Anthony Iannarino, a sort of play on artificial intelligence. Maybe you have something better? Hit the contact page and send me your thoughts about the name, or to propose something you think might fit. I want to hear from you.

Send Me Your Questions . . . on Video

I don’t want to read questions into the camera. That’s no fun, and it’s not interesting enough. I am thinking that you record a video asking the question, and I’ll embed the video in my video, so you can share the screen with me. If you send me your Twitter handle, we can add that to the video, too.

Maybe you want to ask a question about some area you are struggling? Or maybe you want me to clarify something that I have written here, so that you can better utilize it in your sales game or your hustle? Or perhaps you just want to know what I think about something that has your attention. Whatever it is, send it in, and we’ll do our best to answer your question.

That’s it. Look for the new show in a week or so!

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