Laziness Repels Success

There are a lot of things that repel success. Your poor mindset and a bad attitude will certainly drive success away, and so will things like a lack of integrity and character. But perhaps nothing will drive success away from you like laziness.

There a lot of forms of laziness that you may not recognize, but success knows them well and actively avoids them.

  • Procrastination is a form of laziness. It’s an avoidance of the work that you need to do in order to produce the results you want. Your real priorities are visible in your actions, not you intentions, and intending to do your work isn’t the same as doing that work. Only one of these two things produces results, and only one of them generates success.
  • Fake work is also a form of laziness. There are countless things that you can do—and that may even be necessary—that aren’t your real work. It’s the fake work you use as an excuse to avoid doing your real work, like replying to the unsolicited RFP instead of doing real prospecting work. Work that does not move the needle on the results you want isn’t going to draw success towards you.
  • Distractions are another form of laziness. Choosing entertainment over producing work is really laziness. It’s a lazy mental focus, and a lazy habit. In a time of infinite distractions, focus is a defining differentiator, especially where success is concerned. If you aren’t focused on the things that build success, then success will pay you no heed.

Success despises laziness. If you are not willing to do the work to generate the success you want, that success will not be forthcoming. Success demands that you put forth the effort to have what you want. If you believe that the secret to success is simply putting your intentions into the Universe, you will discover that the Universe can’t hear you unless you are making a lot of noise, and that noise is effort.

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