Bragging Rights

No one likes a braggart. But you don’t have to brag. You just have to do something that earns you bragging rights.

  • What big, worthwhile accomplishment did you get done today that is worth bragging about?
  • What massive action did you take that generated some brag-worthy outcome?
  • What did you do today that stretched you beyond your comfort zone and caused you to think, “Man, did I just do that? I hope someone was watching!”
  • What action taken today is going to look like a work of pure genius 90 days from now? What did you do that you’re going to be able to trace back to the prescience you had today?
  • What difficult client situation did you deal with like a boss, changing the game for them and for you and your company? What did you do that moved the needle in a big way?

Every day is an opportunity to do something noteworthy, something important, something worth bragging about, even if you don’t do the bragging. If you can’t point to anything you’ve done that is meaningful or worthwhile? Then you are in luck; you get to try again tomorrow.

The best way to earn bragging rights is to decide what you are going to do that is brag-worthy before you even start your day. If you plan where and how you will spend your time, you increase the odds that you do something worth noting. You also increase your odds of doing something important enough to point to when you tackle the easiest, foulest, most difficult tasks first every day. If the rest of your day doesn’t go as well as you wished it would, you will always be able to point to having completed that most difficult task before doing anything easier—and less important.

Big play-makers make big plays.

What did you do that’s worth bragging about? What will you do tomorrow to earn your bragging rights?

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