Why Do My Salespeople Turnover?

The sales leader asked a question to a group of us on the stage at the OutBound Conference. He asked, “How do I hire salespeople that won’t turnover.” Because of the limited time we had remaining, I didn’t answer the question, but it does require an answer.

There are two ways to look at your results in an area like this. The first way is to assume that the salespeople are to blame. The second way is to assume that you are to blame. Only one of these ways of viewing this challenges is helpful improving your results.

Nothing Is My Fault

If you believe that your salespeople are all bad, then hiring another bunch of salespeople isn’t going to improve your results. The next group is going to be equally bad. If nothing is your fault, then there is nothing you can change. You surely won’t believe that you are the source of the problem. How could you be? You’re not the one failing to sell.

Absolving yourself of responsibility only ensures that you turn over more salespeople. How could it be otherwise when you are not to blame and there is nothing you can do?

Everything Is My Fault

If it’s your fault that the salespeople you hire are turning over, then you are empowered to do something about it.

It may be that your hiring process isn’t good, but that isn’t as likely as another reason your salespeople turnover. The more likely reason is that you aren’t as committed to their success as you need to be. The likely reason they turnover is that they aren’t being well led, well managed, and well coached. It’s also likely that they aren’t being trained and developed to succeed in sales.

If I had to bet, I’d bet the salespeople are failing due to neglect in these areas before I would look to any other factor.

General US Grant was the fourth General to command the Union Army. The enemy didn’t change, nor did the terrain. The resources didn’t change, nor did the Colonels and Captains. The only factor that changed was the leader.

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