It’s Not a Secret. It’s Just Something You Won’t Do.

There is no secret to producing the results you want. You just may not like the discipline it takes to produce them.

A full pipeline of opportunities is the result of prospecting. There are no prospecting secrets. Everyone knows what they need to do to create new opportunities. A lack of some secret or sacred knowledge isn’t the problem. It’s only the disciplined action over time that separates the successful from the struggling.

There isn’t any real secret about how to control the sales process, shorten sales cycles, and win new business. To accomplish these outcomes, you have to ask for—and gain—the commitments you need. It’s not too difficult to know what comes next, why it makes sense, and what value will be created during that meeting. It’s only a problem if you are afraid of asking.

There is no magic formula for being productive. It’s shockingly simple and straightforward. To be truly productive, you have to do the things that are most important in order of importance. There are no secrets, to tips, no tricks, and no hacks that can make you more productive or give you back your time. You either maintain the discipline of doing the most important work, or you are not productive; you’re just busy.

There are no secrets. Everything it takes to succeed in sales—or in any other human endeavor—is well known. The people who have produced those results have written books or had books written about them. There are tons of resources available where one can go to learn what they need to close the gap between their current results and the future state they desire—should they desire to do so.

Most of what you want requires hard work. Unless that is something you are willing to do, you won’t produce the results you want.

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