Only Action Moves You Forward

“I am going to focus on prospecting” is not the same as “I am going to make 100 dials.”

“I am going to work on nurturing my dream clients” is not the same as “I am going to communicate a message of value to 15 of my dream clients this week.”

“I am going to be a better coach for my people,” is not the same as “I am going to spend 4 hours a week coaching my people using a non-directive approach.”

Your intentions, while important, are not what produces results. The actions you take are what produce results. In fact, taking action without intellectualizing what you are doing will produce better results than getting these the other way around.

It’s possible that you don’t know what you need to do to produce better results, but it isn’t likely. It’s more likely that you resist doing what you need to do because it is difficult, because you are afraid, or because you lack the discipline to do the things you know you need to do.

Talking the talk is not the same as walking the walk. One of the reasons some people produce more and better results than others in the same period of time is that they do so much more. These people have built up a capacity for work that exceeds their peers, and they are simply outworking them.

Some people may have more talent than you. Some may have resources that you don’t have. But the decision to do the work is the great leveler. The capacity to do hard work in great volumes equalizes. That capacity is available to any and all who decide to take relentless action in pursuit of what they want, even if some who have experienced adversity seem to have it in great quantities.

You never need to ask for permission to work hard, and you never benefit from doing less than is really necessary. Action is the only thing that moves you forward, and massive action moves you further faster.

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