What If You Bought In

What if you drank the Kool-Aid?

What if you dropped the skepticism and believed that your company was really trying to make a difference? What if you looked for evidence that your company has a bunch of good people trying to do good work instead of trying to find evidence to the contrary?

What if instead of being cynical you gave the leaders and the people trying to do good work the benefit of the doubt? What if you gave them a chance, and what if you assumed they had good intentions? What if you weren’t too cool for school? Instead of mocking the fact that they believed, what if you explored why they believe?

What if a couple big talkers are full of it, doing nothing more then mouthing the company line? So what if there are a couple hypocrites who pretend that they’re all in when they are anything but? What if who they are and what they do has no bearing on who you are and what you do? So what if the poseurs judge you?

What if you were passionate about your job? What would your passion do for others? What results would your produce? How would your best work help other people to do their best work? What kind of an example would you be for those who need that example? What would your people see, and what would that teach them?

Don’t think about what buying in would do for your company. Don’t even think about what buying in would do for your clients and the companies you serve. Think about what would happen to you if you were to bring your best self to your work. What kind of results could you produce if you unleashed your full potential at work, without holding back, and without worrying about what anyone else does or what anyone else thinks?

Who would you be if you bought in?

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