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Markets Torn Asunder

In the future, you are likely to find yourself occupying one of three spaces in your market place. Those places will be super-transactional, super-relational, or the muddy middle. is super-transactional. Before and Kindle,…

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1,000 Decisions, Well or Poorly Made

You have 168 hours in a week and 52 weeks in a year. That's 8,736 hours. What you do with each hour is your decision. You can invest that hour, or you can squander it, believing you have many more hours in which to make a better decision later.

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A Lead Is a Lottery Ticket

A lead is a lottery ticket. You don’t know whether you win anything until you scratch the card. Why wouldn’t you check to see if you have won anything? Why not take a look and see what you’ve got—if anything.

Some sales folks make the mistake of…

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Don’t Be a Red Shirt

On the original Star Trek television series different characters wore different colored shirts. James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Bones all wore blue shirts. Sometimes they wore some weird yellow shirt. But a lot of the characters wore red shirts, and…

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