The Hustler’s Playbook: Success Is Not a Happy Accident

Success is not a happy accident. It isn’t something that one day just occurs. Whatever your definition, however you measure it, success is a matter of intentions and action.

Success doesn’t come to those who wait. Those who are passive find themselves hoping, waiting, and wishing that some external force would confer success upon them. But, they wait in vain. Time slips by and, eventually, hope fades. Success cannot be compelled by outside forces. It cannot be wished into existence. It has to come from inside.

There is no way to have success with your feet up watching YouTube videos. Success doesn’t come to those who lean back. It ignores those who coast, and it avoids those who avoid labor. A low capacity for hard work is repellent to success. Success is always auditing your effort. It requires a payment of sweat equity.

Unless you are intentional about what you want, the success you seek doesn’t know how to find you. If you aren’t madly pursuing your version of success, the lack of intention makes you invisible to success. Everyone wants to be more than they are, but without developing themselves and growing big enough, success is a non-starter. Everyone wants to have more, especially more money. Success knows that money only follows one thing, and that thing is hustling to create value worth paying for. Whatever your scorecard, whether it is being more, having more, doing more, or contributing more, success follows your intentions and your actions, and nothing else.

Success, although not a happy accident, is a natural occurrence. When your work tirelessly in pursuit of success, it invariably reveals itself to you. When you pay the price in full, success shows up, as certain as 2 follows 1. When you develop yourself personally and professionally, making the changes necessary to have success, it sprouts from the seeds you’ve planted, without fail.

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