Start Un-Investing

There are countless ways to invest your time and your energy that produce no return. It’s easy to add things to your to do list, but it’s difficult to let things go, even when it is necessary, and even when they no longer serve you.

Un-invest in things that do nothing to further your goals—especially your long-term goals. Let go of the things that don’t move you closer to what you want, and that steal time from what should command most of your attention.

Un-invest in the things that aren’t aligned with who you are, who you are becoming, and who is the future best ever version of yourself. Un-invest in the people who aren’t helping you, and un-invest in the people who are actively working to prevent you from becoming who you are.

Un-invest in the matrix. Disconnect from the cultural infections that spread fear, scarcity and, by doing so, disempower you. Un-invest in negativity and cynicism, so that you can invest in positive, abundance, and empowering beliefs.

Un-invest in distractions. Even the small screen of infinite distractions and all of the trivialities with which it tempts you. Shift your time, your energy, and your focus away from distractions and turn it towards what is most important.

Look at everything as if it is a legacy system of some kind. Legacy beliefs. Legacy commitments. Legacy habits. Legacy routines. Use extreme prejudice when judging the value of what investments you are making, and be willing to decide to let go of what no longer serves you. If the return on that investment isn’t what you need it to be, move the investment to something that will give you a better return.

Your time here is short. You need to invest in being more, doing more, having more, and contributing more. Invest in what is meaningful and aligned with your greater purpose, and make room to do so by un-investing in what no longer works.

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