Why I Started a YouTube Channel

Since December 28th, 2009, I have written a blog post here every day (minus 13 days I spent in Tibet in 2010, when I thought I wouldn’t be able to post, not knowing how good China Mobile is in remote China). The practice of writing every day is something that has transformed my life in ways that I couldn’t have imagined, and it is a practice I will keep. Writing, however, is only one medium. There are more mediums to explore.

Video is a different medium with which to share ideas and tell stories. More and more, this is going to be the medium with which communicate. The technology to replace the telephone with a video call exists now, and more and more, we are using video for business and personal communication. The devices we keep in our left hand that are never more than a few feet away lend themselves to this format, and it is a format many people prefer.

It makes no sense to limit myself to a single medium when so many people prefer other formats, and when a lot of people want content in different mediums at different times, like audio when they are in their cars. I regret not starting sooner.

Better Over Time

When I started writing, I wasn’t a very good writer. The archives here are proof. I leave them here as part of the history of my journey and my thinking over time. Even the ones that should embarrass me are still here, still published. Over time, I became a better writer. I still have many miles to go.

I am starting daily video knowing that I will have this very same experience. What is now difficult will become easier over time. I expect to get better at video by practicing.

Everyday, Every Day

As it stands now, the YouTube show is called Everyday. My friends at Kinopicz chose the name, and I like because it represents a commitment to Me Management, that set of disciplines that brings you long-term success.

Today I published a short episode on the idea that if you want to be the kind of person that can help your dream client change, you need to change first. It’s a challenge, and it sets the bar high. Check it out here. While you are there, do hit the subscribe button.

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