Do It Now

What is the one thing that you need to do to move your most important project forward? Unless there is some emergency that demands your attention, you should be doing that thing now. The only real secret to productivity is to do what is most important, and to do what is most important NOW.

What is the one thing you should have done a long time ago, and because you haven’t done it, you are now too embarrassed to do it at all? Problems don’t age well, and what is left undone may be your undoing. Whatever it is, it isn’t going to get any easier, so do it now.

What is the biggest, nastiest, foulest thing you need to do right now? Maybe it’s something you dread because it is going to be more than unpleasant. Or maybe it’s a conversation you need to have that is going to be difficult, and potentially emotionally charged. Steel yourself, and do it now. Don’t wait.

What are the disciplines that you haven’t kept that you need to keep? What are the two or three things that you promise yourself you’ll start to do tomorrow, but never get started? Today is that tomorrow. Every day that goes by puts your further behind when it comes to reaching your potential. Today is day one. Do it now.

What are your shoulds that are really musts? What are the things that you know you “should” be doing but aren’t? Most of the things that you avoid doing because they are difficult or unpleasant are really “musts.” You may fear the wrong danger. You don’t want to do something because you aren’t sure of the outcome, but the greater risk is in not doing it, and you are left with consequences that are guaranteed to be worse than your fears. If it’s a “should,” make it a “must,” and do it now.

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