Progress Comes Before Transformation

To go from 1 to 10, you have to pass through the number 2. You also have to pass through the numbers between 3 and 9. Even though your focus is 10, your progress is going to be measured in your hitting all the numbers between. Progress comes before transformation.

You cannot avoid doing any prospecting for months or quarters and build the pipeline you need overnight. Once you start prospecting, you will create opportunities one at a time. One opportunity isn’t going to be enough for you to transform your results, but it moves you in the right direction. The second opportunity is more progress.

Your sales force may not have the mindset, skill sets, or tool kits they need to create value for your dream clients. Transformation may be necessary, but it isn’t going to happen overnight. That transformation is going to take place over years, conversation by conversation, coaching session by coaching session, and development program by development program. These efforts start to stack until, sometime in the future, you look back and recognize how far you’ve come. What you are looking for is progress along this path.

The reasons change initiatives fail are many, but one of the reasons is that people lose patience with the process. Instead of staying the course and measuring their progress, they change strategies, change tactics, or allow themselves—and their teams—to give up. When transformation doesn’t happen as fast as you want, it’s easy to become discouraged, but that’s when a lot of people give up.

It’s easy to become discouraged when you don’t recognize the progress that you are making. The fact that you’ve gone from 0 to 1, or 1 to 2 is progress in the right direction. Transformation is a process. If you want to move that transformation forward, focus on increasing the speed at which you make progress, not expecting overnight success.

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