How the Law of Attraction Really Works

I believe deeply that the law of attraction works. With one major caveat.

What the Law States

The law of attraction is the idea that your thoughts, positive or negative, are what bring positive or negative experiences into your life.

People with a positive, optimistic, future-oriented, abundance mindset tend to experience a life and world that looks a lot like what they believe, while people with negative, pessimistic, cynical, scarcity mindsets experience a world in line with their very different belief structure.

But beliefs alone aren’t enough to attract success into your life.

Caveat: The Catalyst for Attraction

The catalyst for attraction is action. Having a positive, optimistic, future-oriented, abundance mindset isn’t enough by itself to generate success. Without matching your actions to those beliefs, you aren’t going to attract anything of value.

Idleness attracts nothing of value. Hope isn’t enough to generate results, and neither is a strong belief that you can have what you want by simply wishing and waiting. Your beliefs structures are the foundation on which your all your results are built, but you have to do the building yourself.

The real catalyst for attraction is the actions that you take. Attraction doesn’t work if you don’t.

Your Actions Are Aligned with Your Beliefs

People with positive, optimistic, future-oriented, abundance mindsets tend to take action. They tend to believe that their success is individual and not controlled by outside forces. They act in accordance with those beliefs.

People with negative, pessimistic, cynical, scarcity mindsets tend to believe that the world is acting on them, and so they act from a place of fear. If there is nothing you can do to change your lot in life, why bother? And so they don’t.

Yesterday I wrote a post about Success being an auditor. It looks for evidence, for proof that you are investing the time, investing the hard work, and investing in the growth necessary to produce success. Success is something you pay for in advance and something for which you have to pay in full before you can have it.

Wishing, waiting, and hoping for the results you want isn’t going to produce them. The only way to attract what you want in life is to hold it firmly in your mind while applying enough effort over a long enough time that it yields to you.

  • What are you attracting?
  • What do you want badly enough that you are willing to apply enough effort and energy over a long enough period of time to attract

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