The Deal You Are Offering Your Dream Client

Everyone wants a deal. You have to decide what kind of deal you want to give them.

One deal that you might be interested in giving your prospective clients is a lower price. That is, after all, what they ask for when they ask for a deal. If that lower price doesn’t allow you to deliver the outcomes you promise, then it isn’t really a deal. There is no reason to offer a discount to win business if that discount robs you of the ability to execute.

If dropping your price breaks your business strategy, then it’s a win-lose deal, with you on the losing end. If you don’t compete by having the lowest price, then discounting is one way you break your strategy. When you strip your company of the profit necessary to operate a high caring, high trust, high value creation strategy, the deal you are offering breaks your strategy, and over time, your competitive advantage.

A better deal you might consider is to justify the investment necessary to produce the outcomes your dream client needs and to ensure you deliver those outcomes. You aren’t engaged with your prospective client around change because everything was perfect and they were producing the exact results they need. Look, if your dream client could get the results with their current investment, they’d already be producing those results.

The deal you are offering is helping your dream client justify investing more to produce the better outcomes they need. The deal that your prospective client is getting includes the opportunity to work with someone who is willing to tell the truth about what it takes to produce those results, and who is willing to help them get the money they need from within their own company.

The deal you are offering is having a partner who can see around corners, mitigate risk, help capitalize on opportunities, and who will be accountable for the outcomes they sell. The deal you are offering is trust and advice, and all the things that come with it, not a lower price.

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