Why You Are Not Producing the Results You Want Now

The results you are producing now are feedback. Your results are evidence as to how well you are being served by your beliefs and your actions. Your beliefs and your actions up until this point have produced the exact results that you are experiencing right now.

If you are not producing the results you want right now, then you have to take note of the feedback you are receiving, change your beliefs, and change your behaviors.

Feedback Loops

No matter what the area of your life, you are receiving feedback right now.

If your relationships are not what you want them to be, there is feedback available to you. Unhealthy beliefs would have you believe the reasons your relationships aren’t what you wish is “their fault.” You might also be able to confess the other party’s sins, keeping careful score of all the ways you’ve been wronged. You can keep these beliefs and take the same actions you’ve been taking, but if your results haven’t changed before, why would they now?

If you aren’t producing the financial results you want, then your beliefs and actions with money are informing you that changes are necessary. Some people’s beliefs around money are terribly unhealthy. They believe that money is scarce, that there isn’t enough, that someone would have to give them more for them to be better off financially. These beliefs and the accompanying behaviors literarily repel money away from them. Poor results provide feedback.

This is thesalesblog.com, isn’t it? We are compelled then to speak about your sales results, are we not? Poor sales numbers are simply feedback. When you don’t put up numbers, there is something amiss. Your beliefs about sales and selling are not serving you. Since your actions precisely follow your beliefs, your actions—or lack thereof—are responsible for bad numbers.

Change One, Change the Other

A lot of people will tell you they believe things that are in complete opposition to what you see them do.

They will tell you that they believe prospecting is necessary to generate new opportunities. But they don’t prospect.

They’ll tell you that they want to make more money, and then they’ll hit the snooze button 3 times and find ways to avoid responsibility to greater outcomes.

Here’s the thing: to believe something and not act on it is the same as not believing it. To know the right thing to do and not to do it is the same as not knowing it. The result is the same for you as it is the person who doesn’t know any better.

If you change your beliefs, you change your actions. That may help you produce the results you want. But if it doesn’t, it’s simply feedback that you need to change again and then try something else.

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