The Leadership Playbook: The Knowledge Inside Your Four Walls

There is a lot of knowledge trapped inside your four walls. Much of what you need to know is already known. All you need to do is ask the people inside your four walls to share that information with you.

What Clients Want

Your sales force has knowledge about your customers. They know what they want. They spend their time speaking with your clients or prospective clients about the areas where they are struggling and what they believe will help them. If you want to know what your clients want, you can ask your sales force to share that information with you. They spend a lot of their time sitting face to face with your clients or dream clients.

What Your Competitors Do

Your sales force also knows what your competitors are doing to win business and how they are positioning themselves in the market. Those clients and prospects with whom they are spending their time share information, like how they say they are different, how their solution is better, and what their pricing model looks like compared to yours. If you want market intelligence, a big part of it is already inside your four walls.

How to Serve Clients Better

When it comes to knowing what clients want, there may be only one group that knows more than the sales force. That group is your operations team. In a lot of businesses, the operations team spends more time with clients, either in person or on the telephone. None of what they know is speculative. Your operations team knows what problems your clients have implementing and executing your solution. If you want to know how you can improve the value you create for your clients, that knowledge already exists inside your four walls.

You hire people to do a job. As they are doing that job, they are learning. Their knowledge is growing. If you have inspired them, engaging their hearts as well as their minds, all you have to do unleash a massive amount of actionable insights is ask the people who already have them to share them with you.

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