Selling Is Change

Many of your dream clients or prospects don’t really want to change. They want better results, but sometimes they don’t want to do what is necessary to produce those results—even when they recognize that they have a compelling reason to change, a problem worth solving.

Selling is about engaging in the process of change, and sometimes we have to change things that aren’t easily altered.

Changing the Investment

If your dream client could produce the results they needed with their current investment, they would already be achieving those results. Much of the time, your prospective clients are underperforming because they are underinvesting in the results they need.

Your prospect may be underinvesting without knowing it, and they may be exploring their options in hopes of finding someone who can help them produce the results they want while investing even less.

Without changing the investment, they will not generate new results.

Changing the Operations

If your prospective client could achieve the results by doing what they are doing now, they would be producing the results they want.

Many of your prospects will want to produce new and better results without having to change anything. They may not want to change their internal processes. They may also want a solution that looks very much like what they are doing now, with the only real change being the partner that have chosen to work with.

Without changing how they operate, they will continue to underperform.

Changing Beliefs and Assumptions

If your dream client’s beliefs were the correct beliefs, they wouldn’t need to change anything.

Sometimes you find you prospective clients with beliefs that don’t serve them. They don’t recognize that the assumptions they made years ago are no longer true, that things have changed. Their business model may be built on things that are no longer true. Or they don’t recognize just how far ahead of them their competitors are now when it comes to capabilities, choosing instead to believe that they are cutting edge, or close to it. Sometimes, they believe that their existing vendor is at fault and that they are blameless.

Selling well requires that you help your dream client make the changes necessary to produce the results they need. This isn’t easy when you have to change the investment they’re making, change how they operate, and especially when you have to change what they believe.

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