Chris Brogan: Futurist Predictions About the Internet, Talk About Personal Disciplines, and More – Episode #67


There aren’t many people who can adeptly make futurist predictions, but Chris Brogan is one of those guys who has been around long enough to actually pull it off with some degree of believability. He’s been around the internet space – and using it effectively – since the very beginning. That means he’s seen lots come and go and understands the way trends and technological changes happen. On this episode Anthony asks Chris where he sees social media going and whether or not some of the more tried and true mediums like blogging are going to fall by the wayside. You’ll be intrigued by what Chris has to say, so be sure you listen.

Chris Brogan: Futurist Predictions About the Internet, Talk About Personal Disciplines, and MoreClick To Tweet

Everybody wants to predict the next big thing coming to the internet.

Chris Brogan is a guy who’s seen lots of things come and go in the internet world and he’s quick to point out that at the rate technology changes, he’s no sage. But his futurist predictions about what’s going to happen in social media, blogging, podcasting, live video streaming, and more not only make sense, they could prompt people to move in the directions they predict. You can hear where Chris sees social media going, including his thoughts about Facebook Live and why he uses it the way he does, on this episode.

SnapChat problems for B2B sales and marketing.

There is no end to the number of voices out there that are touting SnapChat as the next big thing for B2B sales and marketing. But Chris Brogan doesn’t buy it. He gets the quirky and self revealing nature of the platform but when it comes to a decision maker at a large company making a significant purchase decision he doesn’t see SnapChat being their go-to place. You can hear how Chris has played around with SnapChat and find out how he’s leveraging other platforms and leaving SnapChat behind, so take some time to hear what he’s got to say.

SnapChat problems for B2B sales and marketing, with Chris BroganClick To Tweet

Why Twitter is fitfully ineffective as a marketing tool.

Chris Brogan still loves Twitter, but he’s changed his approach to it in recent months. He still thinks it’s the best live news feed on the planet, but when it comes to using it for marketing and lead generation, he finds it woefully ineffective. Instead of putting a lot of stock in Twitter Chris still leans on his old workhorse: his newsletter and email list. You can find out how Chris leverages his newsletter for 70% of his income generation on this episode, so don’t miss out by skipping this one.

The future of podcasting and email according to Chris Brogan.

Anthony was curious to hear what Chris Brogan thinks about the future of email given the advances in other forms of communication – like video chat and instant messaging. But even more so, he asked Chris to give some futurist predictions about the destiny of podcasting. Chris rapidly outlines the history of podcasting to this point and gives some insight into the next big hurdle that podcasting and podcasters will need to face if they are going to stick around and use the medium for all its worth. It’s a great episode with tons of insight.

The future of podcasting and email according to Chris BroganClick To Tweet

Outline of this great episode

  • One of the reasons Anthony started this podcast was because Chris Brogan told him to.
  • What Chris Brogan noticed that enabled him to build community from the beginning.
  • What’s changed the most since Chris started on the internet.
  • What Chris thinks about the new mediums like Facebook Live Streaming and SnapChat.
  • How Chris is using Facebook Live.
  • How Chris has changed his Twitter usage.
  • Chris’ opinion of email and podcasting today and where they are going.
  • The typical morning routine for Chris Brogan.
  • Chris’ current favorite book and the most influential book he’s ever read.
  • The person who’s had the biggest impact on Chris.
  • The best advice Chris has received to date: Be Helpful.
  • What Chris would be doing if he weren’t doing what he’s currently doing.
  • What Chris wants to be remembered for.

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Everybody wants to predict the next big thing coming to the internetClick To Tweet
Why Twitter is fitfully ineffective as a marketing tool, from the mind of Chris BroganClick To Tweet
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