How to Effectively Deal With Impermanence

The client you have served faithfully for all these years will be gone someday. It’s likely it won’t be your fault. They will change the way they do business. A larger company will swallow them up. They’ll move the part of the operation that you serve to a location where you can’t reach them.

Given long enough, you will lose your best clients.

The contact with whom you’ve had the best and most productive relationship will someday be gone, no longer there to protect you from competitive threats. She’ll take a new job in another department. She’ll leave the company to start her own business. Or she’ll move to California.

You will be friends with this client forever, but you will no longer have her business.

The person who blocks you from even gaining a meeting with your dream client has been in his role forever. There is no way that he is letting you in. One day, without warning, he will be gone. He will be fired for reasons you may never know. He’ll go back to school to change careers. Maybe he’s tired and he’ll just retire.

The person who prevents you from winning your dream client won’t be able to keep you out forever, provided you persist.

The economy is perfect for you. You are selling more and at higher margins than ever. Quarter after quarter, the numbers only go up. And then, suddenly, they drop. Not much. Just a little.

Lines that go up eventually retrace their steps. And lines that go down can also change directions.

It is easy to perceive that something that has been the way it is now for a long time isn’t going to change. When a line is trending downwards, it looks like it will continue in that direction. The same is true when the trend is moving in a positive direction.

Over time, things change. And people with the willingness to believe something different is possible, that change is inevitable, and who are willing to take the actions necessary to bring their vision to life, are the people who change things.

Accept that change is inevitable. Then make the change you want to see.

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