Better Is Better Than More

Prospecting is important. It is imperative that you put the time into actively making your calls, and taking all the other actions necessary to create new opportunities. Not researching, which is important, but actually prospecting.

It’s critical that you build prospecting into your model sales week, lest you find yourself with an empty pipeline, and hoping for a miracle (here is a free 9-part video course on planning your model sales week). That said, your effectiveness at prospecting matter a great deal: better prospecting calls are better than more prospecting calls. If you aren’t making enough calls to produce the results you need, then you need to make more. But making better calls will produce better results faster.

Better prospects are better than more prospects. A bunch of unqualified prospects who can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t buy from you may make you look busy, but that won’t help you succeed in sales. Quality counts. You need better prospects, not more prospects.

Better sales calls with better prospects are better than more sales calls. Making poor sales calls doesn’t help you move the needle; better sales calls do. So plan your sales calls. The face-to-face meeting you have with your prospects need to create value for them while also creating a preference for you (here is a free 4-part video course on planning a sales call). .

Having better relationships is better than having more relationships. Relationships are an investment of time, energy, and emotion. More neglected relationships aren’t better than fewer, seriously meaningful relationships. Deeper is better.

More work isn’t better than better work. Work with meaning and purpose is better than more work that doesn’t meet your real needs. Money isn’t enough of a reason to do work that makes you feel bad about yourself.

Quality is better than quantity when it comes to producing results and pursuing success. By focusing on quality, you lessen the need for quantity. Fewer and better is better than more.

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