Why Your Truth Is Different

The circumstances of your birth are something far more than simply challenging. Not only were you not born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you were born without a spoon. The circumstances of your birth are holding you back; that’s what is keeping you from succeeding.

But if this is true for you, why isn’t it true everyone whose circumstances of birth were very much like your own?

You didn’t get a good education. You didn’t do all that well in high school. You spent two semesters at the community college before you ran out of money. The only way you can succeed is to have a college degree, and you don’t have one. Therefore, you cannot succeed.

If this is true for you, why is it not universally true? Why are there so many exceptions?

The one thing holding you back is your manager. If it wasn’t for your boss and how difficult he makes your job, you’d be succeeding wildly. He is what’s holding you back. He is a governor of your success.

Why, then, are other people in your role succeeding when they share the same manager? Why is what is true for you not true for them?

No one can succeed in this economic environment. The conditions are too tough. There are too many government regulations. There is too much competition. Your prospective customers are unreasonable, and no one can please them.

This is true for you. Why is it untrue for others? Why are they succeeding in the very same economic environment you believe to be impossible?

You could never write your novel, record your songs, or paint the pictures you see in your mind’s eye. There is no way you could start your own business or side hustle right now, with work and kids and other responsibilities. You don’t have the time.

How is it that other people are able to do these things with all of the same responsibilities that you have or more? Why is it what’s true for you not also true for them?

What you believe to be true for you is only true for you because you believe it to be so. As soon as you believe that something new is true for you, what you used to believe will no longer be true. Well, it won’t be true for you anyway.

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