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Churn and Running In Place

New business is sexy. The thrill of the chase and the resulting win is exciting. The brand new money from a brand new client is worth reporting. The challenges you have executing are all-hands-on-deck affairs that are worth solving.

Old business…

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Profit on Every Deal

"We are losing money on every transaction, but we're going to make it up in volume."

There are a lot of ways to rationalize taking business that isn't profitable.

  • Maybe you take unprofitable business in a new vertical where you believe you…
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Why You Have a Small Business

There is an old joke about how to have a small business. It goes like this, “You know how to have a nice small business?” The punchline is, “Buy a large business and wait.”

There is a reason that small businesses stay small, and why some would-be…

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Just Because You Can

Just because you can do something does not mean that you should do that thing.

Because you can automate sales letters doesn’t mean that you should do what may be “efficient.” It is not the same thing as actually nurturing the relationships…

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Where Your Focus Goes

There are things that you cannot control, and things you can. Where you focus is important. It has much to do with how you view your life and happiness.

Things You Cannot Control

You cannot control the government or which party controls the…

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