The Hustler’s Playbook: Money and Character

Hustlers have higher incomes and generate greater wealth than non-hustlers. This is the byproduct of hustling. The reason hustlers do well financially is because they work harder than most people, they do so with a greater sense of urgency, and they create and pursue more opportunities.

They are also unwilling to compromise their character.

Hard Work Makes Dreams Come True

Hustlers are committed to working harder than anyone else. They know that the results they want, financially and in other areas, are the result of massive effort.

Hustlers don’t look for easy money. They are unmoved by get-rich-quick schemes. They don’t play the lottery in hopes that luck bestows the gift of wealth upon them. And most importantly, they don’t compromise their character by exploiting someone else to separate that person from their money. They create value in exchange for every dollar that passes through their hands.

A Good Plan Violently Executed Today

Hustlers act with urgency, but they are patient when it comes to accruing wealth. They work like they are running out of time, but that urgency isn’t a willingness to take shortcuts or jeopardize their reputation. Hustlers don’t believe that any improvement in speed to financial rewards is worth degrading their character.

Ill-gotten money is not an option for the hustler.

Take Your Shots

Hustlers pursue opportunities. They give themselves lots of chances to be successful instead of being single-threaded. Having multiple opportunities is a hedge; the hustler can lose over and over again and still win.

Hustlers are never desperate for money. Their character prevents them from ever being tempted by what might appear to be easy money. They know that easy money can never buy back their reputation and their character, and so they are impervious to what may tempt others.

A lot of people believe that the word “hustler” indicates someone who is willing to take advantage of someone for pecuniary gain. But people who deceive or steal from others don’t ever gain real income nor do they ever gain real wealth. There is no amount of money that can ever make you wealthy if you lack character.

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