Just Because You Can

Just because you can do something does not mean that you should do that thing.

Because you can automate sales letters doesn’t mean that you should do what may be “efficient.” It is not the same thing as actually nurturing the relationships you need. The fact that you are doing something that is ineffective is prima facie evidence that it is not efficient.

The fact that you have enough inbound leads to work is no reason to stop prospecting. There is nothing about inbound leads that eliminates your need to choose strategic targets and pursue them. Waiting for your dream client to find and pursue you is a poor strategy.

You can easily take advantage of a prospective client who doesn’t know enough to recognize they are paying far more than they should is no reason to do so. Taking advantage of someone’s inexperience to extract money makes you a person of poor character, and that will destroy you in the long run.

Because you can make your number with the existing clients you have does not mean that that is what is right for you and your company. Complacency is dangerous. Given a long enough timeline, you will lose most of your clients, even if for reasons outside of your control. The time to dig your well is before you are thirsty.

So you can count things like calls, and emails, and clicks. That doesn’t mean that everything easy to count is worth counting. Quantitative measurements aren’t inherently better than qualitative measures, even though they’re easier to capture.

You can demand that something is done. But the fact that you have the formal power to demand something doesn’t mean that you can take that shortcut and avoid the hard work of winning hearts and minds. Influence is always more effective than force.

Because you can doesn’t mean you should.

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