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alt text image of a fight's fist as a metaphor for heavy hands

Heavy Hands

When a boxer is said to have "heavy hands," it means that their punches cause a lot of damage. Some slight, very unassuming fighters possess devastating, knockout power. These heavy-handed punchers beat fighters who appear to be bigger,…

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alt text image of a referee holding up the winner's hand

Losing the Battle to Win the War

Sometimes you can make selling feel like a battle of wills. You can get wrapped around the axle, becoming so attached to the outcome you want that you end up doing more harm than good.

For example, you expect objections when you ask for a…

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alt text image of a blurred picture of a football game

How To Slow the Game

Great athletes perceive the sport or game they play as occurring at a much slower pace than others. Someone without the training, the development, and the experience would see the speed as shockingly fast.

There was an Air Force colonel named

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alt text image of an elephant as a metaphor a winning large clients

Winning Large Clients

If you are going to win large clients, you have to start by targeting large clients. Without targeting large accounts you are leaving their acquisition to chance. It’s nice to get lucky, but that isn’t a long-term strategy. Luck loves a hustler.

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alt text image of a person being interviewed with the interviewer holding their resume in front of them

Greater Than Experience

In most cases:

  • Attitude: I would hire for attitude over experience. Someone with the right attitude can quickly gain experience. The person with a good attitude is a better hire than an experienced person with a poor attitude.
  • Skills: I…
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alt text image of a parking space reserved for VIP

Parking Lot Priorities

Some companies reserve the spaces closest to the door for their leadership team. They start with the CEO or President and work their way down from there. With those spaces taken, customers are required to park further away from the doors.…

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