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alt text of a stove glowing blue flame and a metaphor for don't touch the stove

Don’t Touch the Stove

Some people have to burn their hand. They have to touch the stove for themselves. You can tell them that the stove is hot and that they are going to injure themselves. You can show them that glowing blue flame is proof that it is too hot to…

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alt text image of two die on snake eyes as a metaphor for how to lose deals

How You Lose Deals

This is how you lose deals.
  1. Selling when there is no compelling need: You are not going to win a deal when no deal is possible because your prospective client has no compelling need.
  2. Skipping stages of the sales process: Skipping stages of…
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alt text image of a man looking at his empty wallet as a metaphor for why you have not

Why You Have Not

  • You have not developed the necessary mindset. You do not have an optimistic and empowered belief structure. Until you get your mind right, you will not have.
  • You have not done the work. You have not taken the deliberate action, or you have…
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alt text image of four light bulbs and a one with a dollar sign as a metaphor for why we call it selling

That’s Why We Call It Selling

Here are some of the things salespeople and entrepreneurs say that provide a glimpse into why they struggle to create and win opportunities.

  • The prospective customer wants to control the process. It may be true that the potential customer…
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alt text image of a gate that is chained and locked

Why the Factory is Moving South

Running a business isn't easy.

I just watched a video in which the leader of well-known and well-respected brand informed his workers that their jobs would be eliminated in the next two years while the facility relocates to Mexico.

The leader of…

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alt text image of a person putting uno their hand to say stop

Stop Social Selling Me

The very polite gentleman I followed on Twitter sent me a direct reply to ask me, “How are you this afternoon.” I thought that this was a nice engagement and replied, “Perfect! You?”

And then . . . I got social sold. My new Twitter friend had, in…

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