Heavy Hands

When a boxer is said to have “heavy hands,” it means that their punches cause a lot of damage. Some slight, very unassuming fighters possess devastating, knockout power. These heavy-handed punchers beat fighters who appear to be bigger, stronger, faster, and more skilled.

“Heavy hands” in the world of sales is made up of a few different attributes, and a very specific set of skills.

  • Business Acumen: Business acumen and situational knowledge (a set of experiences that give you insights, ideas, and the ability to execute) level up your power. What you know provides value to your clients and prospects beyond your product, service, or solution.
  • Change Management: The ability to create a case for change and build consensus around how best to get to some future state is worth 2 or 3 weight classes. Creating the case for change is what is necessary when your client or prospect hasn’t yet perceived the need to change. Being able to compel your customer to change is the work of heavyweights. It’s a higher level of value.
  • Leadership: One of the superpowers some salespeople have is the ability to lead. They can lead their clients and prospects. They also tackle the most difficult challenge of leading their teams, including their leadership team. Bigger deals require greater leadership. A bigger opponent, or more significant problem, requires heavier hands. Sticking with the boxing metaphor here, a lack of leadership skills is a salesperson’s “glass jaw.” Without the ability to lead, you do a lot of things right and still get knocked out.

If you want real, effective power, look to business acumen, change management, and leadership skills.

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