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Phone First. Email Second.

Phone first, followed by an email.

It's a mistake to send an email when you should make a phone call. Email is easily ignored. Especially a self-oriented email that supposes that your dream client wants to learn all about your company and your…

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What Is and Is Not Urgent

It is unlikely that the message in the last email you read was urgent. Only a tiny percentage of your email requires your immediate attention. Most are not urgent, and many are not even important.

It is even less likely that the last web page you…

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Wary of the Halo Effect

The halo effect: the propensity to believe that even a successful person’s negative behaviors are worth modeling and that the successful person succeeded because of these negative behaviors and not in spite of them.

The words above are my…

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Act Sooner

Acting sooner is better than acting later.

Begin nurturing your dream clients sooner. The longer you wait to engage with your very best (even if they're your coldest prospective customers) the longer it will take you to win their business. Start…

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